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Tiffin Services – Low Investment High Profit

If you are looking do business but you don’t have money to invest. You can still earn by starting Tiffin Service.

You don’t have to invest more, just you have to get required Tiffin box.

How to Start Tiffin Services from home?

You don’t need special space or restaurant for starting a tiffin business. You may start this business from home. Also you don’t need to cook separately.
What you cook for yourself just cook extra for your customer.

How to get customer?

There are many people work at their shop, offices or other places where they cannot come to home regularly. Some people also live in hostel for study or work. They dont have place to cook there so they have requirement for tiffin service. You can contact them for tiffin service.
if you talk with 10 people may be 2 convinced to being your customer.
if they be your customer. then cook extra for these 2 customer and buy 2 tiffins from your decided date. you can also give trial pack of 7 days so they get more satisfied and also tell others about your service.

What to give in tiffin service?

Just having 2-3 customer will not give you good earning but this will be your start of tiffin service. and till that time you will know about customer requirements and also how much it will cost to you. See other tiffin provider or make a chart what will you provide your customer and how much it will be cost for products your buy from market. Don’t buy non seasonal product because it may cost you higher and may be customer may not afford your tiffin price.

Name your service?

You should always keep one name, and contact card after you get 2-3 customers. because giving name is an good idea, to brand any business.

Food Quantity & Quality:

For longterm relationship with customer, you should give a reasonable amount of quality and there should be always hyginc food which all people like. Quality is the main factor in tiffin business, if your quality is not at good level then your business will not last forever at high level, and once your food business lost because of quality then bringing back up to it may be very difficult. Also you should provide good amount of quantity that one cannot get dissatisfied. No matter if you charge little bit higher for that.

Delivery of Tiffin:

People are getting your tiffin service so if you provide better deliver service to them and charge according to it. By doing this you will also get more customer in that area and you will get more business due to your service.

What price you should set for tiffin?

You make a chart of costing of products, cooking, delivery charge, and your profit margin. After you get more customer try to get product from wholesale market. and also take care that it may not get wasted so always count costing properly. And you should not provide daily as same products / vegetables.

Take feedback from your customer:

Take a review from your customer. Because sometime customer may not tell you about negativity of your service and directly leave your service. So this should not be happen. So you should take feedback from your customer.

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